Metropolis of Port Colborne desires your say on an urban forest administration strategy

Do you have potent inner thoughts about city forests or how they must be managed?

If so, the Town of Port Colborne would really like to hear from you.

The town is at this time working on an city forest administration program to be certain that its city/community forest will be sustainably managed for the potential health and fitness and benefit of its people, and the atmosphere.

In Activity 2 Section 2 of the task, people will have the opportunity to present engagement and responses pertaining to the urban forest management prepare and technique for the town.

The system presents for the city forest management approach to signify what the community tells the metropolis that it wants.

The survey will make it possible for the metropolis to concentrate on concepts from the community to tutorial in the assortment of procedures to adopt to make improvements to urban forest management in Port Colborne.

The study is readily available on the city’s site.

The engagement survey will be out there till Jan. 20, 2023. 

Paper copies of the survey are out there for inhabitants at metropolis hall. 

The metropolis mentioned its Urban Forest Assessment jointly with the City Forest Management Plan (UFMP) will intention to maximize, protect, and preserve the city’s urban forest, acquire community curiosity in city trees and further more general public health and fitness and safety.

The UFMP will satisfy other targets and priorities of the Metropolis of Port Colborne, which includes local community awareness and education on the significance of urban trees, tree cover and greenhouse gas reduction and improved enhancement of the tree cover in disadvantaged community parts.

The UFMP will proactively information the preservation, administration, and enhancement of the city’s trees and forests on general public owned lands in the urban region for a 20-calendar year interval as effectively as a focused five-year operational approach.

It is intended that the recommendations around time will changeover the metropolis from a reactive to a proactive city forest management, therefore increasing operational effectiveness and usefulness, increasing tree wellness and variety, decreasing chance to the public and rising the broad-ranging added benefits presented by a balanced and sustainable city forest.

William & Associates will finish the assessment period of the city forest administration challenge.

The estimated price tag for the evaluation and inventory is $85,000.

For additional data on the urban forest management job, stop by the city’s webpage.

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